Here we are, after 5 years traversing esports I’ve finally found my calling. She’s a beautiful white super stock Polo GTI 2016, kicking a horsepower that is significantly better than the Ford Fiesta I’ve been rocking for the last 3 years and a body that is asking to be modified…​​​​​​​
I’ve been eyeing up a Polo GTI for the best part of the whole last year, waiting for the day I find one at the right price. To be honest I probably should have just gone and bought one from someone on FaceBook but my parents were adamant that they’d prefer I bought from a main dealer. So cheers for the car Vertu Huddersfield, I hope you like the taste of my savings…

​​​​​​​So, the plan?

She is my new photo baby. I’m going to take pictures of her wherever and whenever I can, as the journey progresses, I’ll be doing AT LEAST a full aesthetics build (let’s call it OEM+ ish) because the benefit of having your own aesthetic car is you can take pictures of it whenever and wherever you are, there’s no requirement to rely on someone else, and with my imminent move into the automotive space, it’d be nice to take photos when I WANT, not just when people are available.
This is the one Polo that has been inspiring the idea behind my build:

(Photo credit: Tiger Ellis Oatley-Summers
The first thing we are changing is the wheels. Don’t get me wrong I love GTI parabolicas, but not when they’re powder coated black, they just blend in too much for photos, I want something bright silver… any suggestions?
Ping me your suggestions on Instagram: @TheMadViper

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