OneSNAP Visuals are a Birmingham based organisation dedicated to transforming imagination into reality. We work hard to produce the highest quality content possible so that your stories, and all of the emotions that they hold, can last forever.
  OneSNAP Visuals was founded by Umayr (MadViper), initially providing services specifically for Wedding Photography and Videography and branching out over time into other elements of photography and videography with particular focus on producing commercials.
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Umayr (a.k.a MadViper) is the founder and owner of OneSNAP Visuals, at present he works solo for most projects and alongside freelancers on projects that require multiple individuals and their various talents. 

Background: Umayr started photography during his first year of university, shooting almost everyday for the following three years, making the most of every opportunity that he could get hold of, and during the COVID-19 lockdown period he transitioned more into videography.

The name MadViper stems from his passion for gaming and as he works alongside KARNAGE Clan (A world renowned Call of Duty content creation team with 800k+ subscribers on YouTube), many of the works produced are credited to 'MadViper' as opposed to 'OneSNAP Visuals'.

Umayr has a wide range of experience, from shooting at weddings and birthday parties, to filming commercials and music videos. Clients that Umayr has worked with include but (but are not limited to): LG, GFUEL, Sanify, Josh Kumra and more.

Examples of these works can be found in the here

Alfie Bishop is a 3D visuals artist currently studying Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at Cardiff University. Alfie has complimented projects made by OneSNAP Visuals by producing more complex 3D assets to be used in videos (examples of this can be seen throughout the GFUEL advertising projects in particular as seen here).

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