If I'm honest, I barely saw this show. I turned up to Japanese Car Show with nothing more than an hour left on the show, so I can't tell you much about the show itself other than that it was snowing by the time I got to Newark, there were some beautifully modified japanese cars (and I'm talking Skylines and WRX's not your nans yaris) and the awards that were handed out definitely ended up in the right hands...

Despite ironically missing the show itself, all was not completely lost. As the show came to an end there was a little commotion outside, and long behold I found Jonny (@Boost_NA) setting up to try some donuts on the showground in the snow. Snow + Cars = Yep you guessed it, an impromptu video.
I took some photos and videos of the GT86 outside *attempting* to do donuts in the snow, which turned out looking so much better than I had anticipated given that he was moving at less than walking pace in person. It turned out to be such an awesome little video session and it was an opportunity I'm glad to haveĀ been present for, lowkey it made my day.

BONUS POINT: NottsAndBanks (a fellow photographer whom I also made friends with) secured the bag with a few awesome shots of me to polish off the day! What do we think of the shots?
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