Ok... I lied, technically it's my second car show but the first one (Gravity) doesn't count because I only caught the last two hours of it. On that basis, my first show: Ultimate Stance.

For Ultimate Stance, I had been invited to come and join the club-stand of C.C Collective. Ironically, I met the owner of C.C Collective by purchasing my diffuser and splitter from him (I can't lie, the price was an absolute steal, they could definitely do with a repaint but that's okay because I have quite a bit of repainting I want to do).

The day was not off to such a brilliant start. I hadn't yet had time to wash the car, so I started the day at Asda car wash but didn't read the sign which clearly stated 'Car wash opens at 8am'. Before I realised that 8am was in fact AFTER 7am, I had iron fallout sprayed all over my wheels and parts of my car. Safe to say I spent the first part of my morning with a water bottle and kitchen roll trying to clean it all back off so the acid wouldn't eat my paint.
​​​​​​​The day picked up quickly with the C.C collective group (and their newfound stray photographer - me) driving all in convoy to Telford International Centre for the Ultimate Dubs show. The show was pretty awesome, I spent the majority of the day in awe of all the showbuilds and taking notes for cool upgrades I could do to mine. Lunch was a little on the expensive side, costing me in excess of £10 for a pretty mediocre meal, it definitely would have been nice to have a couple extra food outlets in the event itself, although I cant complain too much there were a few places to eat in close vicinity. 
My favourite car of the day had to be Kyle's Purple Toyota GT86:
Today was a great first show with my own car, and really inspired me to get the build going ready for the upcoming 2024 show season, who knows maybe my car will be in some show & shines? Stay tuned to find out!

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