I'd heard a lot about the infamous 'Caffeine and Machine' but not yet been there myself. So, what better way to get to know more car people than a Polo owners meet up at Caffeine and Machine... or so I thought. The day started by picking up a long-time school buddy 'Cam' and heading for a midday meet.

Turns out that to meet new people, you have to start by actually talking to... new people. Now in case you don't know me very well yet, I have struggled with social anxiety for around 5 years, I started to come out of my shell making friends in the esports community and then plunged head first into cars (which none of my friends were very interested in because they're BORING, so everything and everyone is new here.

Arriving to Caffeine and Machine, I felt SO STOCK. It was quite a laughable experience actually, but it gave me food for thought on what modifications I want to do (and what modifications look absolutely awful) *cough* sorry I mean #RespectAllBuilds of course :)

I was really hoping to hear a Remus system on one of the other Polos but unfortunately no-one had one, I'm guessing mainly because of the price bracket of them compared to other aftermarket systems that are available, guess I'll just have to do it so I can be one of the few with it.
​​​​​​​Although I had clearly found out about the event from being in the Polo Owners group chat, I didn't REALLY know anyone. Everyone had their own mini little groups and I didn't really know how to start a conversation with anyone. So in the end I called it quits on trying to make new friends and decided to snap up some photos of all the cars together to commemorate the day. Ironically I didn't take any photos of my own car so if you don't remember what I drive, it's this Polo GTI 6C in pure white:
Of all the places to meet old faces, this was the last place I expected to; after a short photo-taking session, I heard someone call me by my actual name from behind. There are very few people who know my name, better yet how to pronounce it, a few years in esports and everyone you meet calls you Viper. I turned around and calling my name was one of my childhood best-friends 'Jess'. It was actually such a nice catch up, and really the PERFECT place for it. Her partner just so happens to own a Polo GTI very similar to what I had envisioned mine to look like when complete.

Alongside the chit-chat, I ordered myself a Margherita pizza, which was significantly more reasonable in price than I was anticipating, and very tasty, had a couple non-alcoholic beverages and basked in the beautiful summer sun. I could really get used to this. 

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