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"I remember the first time seeing Umayr's work and being absolutely amazed: well thought-out, unique and creative but most notable...genuine. I could feel the effort and passion behind his storyboards, behind the filming, the acting and personalized touches left throughout his creations. 
Working on a project with Umayr is an absolute pleasure. He is thorough in his vision, explaining the angels and details as to what the final product is going to look like. He is passionate about what he is creating, leaving no room for generic. He connects the project well with the goal at hand, making the final piece feel authentic and certainly leaving the viewer feeling excited.
I absolutely love working with Umayr and he's my go-to for any of our major advertisements with our sponsors here at KARNAGE, knowing that he wont disappoint and put us in good-light is always reassuring when launching a new promotion."
Landon (KRNG Apollo) - CEO & Owner of KARNAGE Clan
“Umayr was a pleasure to work with on our site photography. He understood the brief and vision perfectly and worked around our ever-changing schedule. We are looking forward to working on future photography and videography projects with him in the future.”
Osprey Charging Network
"I highly recommend Onesnap Visuals, they are the perfect company and make you feel like you are family.
Onesnap Visuals came and took amazing pictures of my wedding. As it was a Harry Potter themed wedding I wasn't sure how the pictures were going to turn out, however Onesnap Visuals took all my worries away and kept in contact throughout the process.

On the day they were extremely professional and knew exactly where to be even with the ceremony, wedding breakfast/ reception being at different venues. They were barely even noticed by the guests which helped everyone relax a little more, especially in the church. This was made even easier because they gathered the information needed before the day happened, helping everything run smoothly.

As for the pictures I could not ask for a better company to work with, they took their time making sure everything was perfect, they even went as far to ask for our opinions on some ideas they had to make sure it fit with how I wanted them to look. They even went as far as to add special effects to make it look like we had "cast spells" as though we were in one of the films. Before finalising the pictures, my husband and I had a meeting with OneSnap Visuals running through all the pictures and making sure everything was to our liking. This, I thought was a superb touch.
100% would use this company again and can not thank them enough."

Sara (Bride)
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