​​​​​​​GFUEL is a natural energy drink formula which offers a healthier alternative to sugar-loaded energy drinks without the use of toxic chemicals and additives typically found in energy drinks.

GFUEL is trusted by a whole host of people ranging from bodybuilders and UFC fighters to YouTube stars and eSports athletes.

Alongside being the official drink of eSports®, GFUEL also sponsors various individuals and teams in the content creation and gaming industry. One of these sponsored teams is an American Call of Duty team known as 'KARNAGE Clan'. 

I am a member of KARNAGE Clan with the role of Commercial Producer. This role requires me to plan, direct, shoot and edit commercials for GFUEL on behalf of KARNAGE Clan to highlight their partnership. I have also had opportunities to work with other GFUEL partnered creators and teams.

Below are some of the GFUEL commercials which I have produced:

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