This page curates and highlights the best images captured across a variety of 2024 car shows. For car event owners, and sponsors, this is the best place to see the style of photography content I will capture for your brand to highlight the event and provide the best possible images for post-event social media content and future marketing.
At Tucked at the Museum, we created a variety of content including 5x Short-form content pieces utilised on both TikTok and Instagram Reels and photo content for: The hiss and rev blog, social media carousels and a free photos trend designed to give back to our audience. The content has so far received over 50,000 views.
Ultimate Dubs was our first show of car season. Located at the Telford International Centre, this was the perfect indoor show to warm up our automotive skills, enjoy a vibrant and busy event and create a variety of content that we wanted to trial. Ultimate dubs inspired 10 content posts including short-form and photo-filled carousels across both Instagram and TikTok, and a wide variety of story posts. Despite being the first ever car show reels and our first opportunity to provide consistency to our automotive social platforms, our Ultimate Dubs content achieved over 22,000 views.

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