Snake Venom is a GFUEL concept project by MadViper, which he has set as his challenge for the year 2022. The objective of the challenge is to develop twelve concept commercials for his proposed flavour, "Snake Venom," over the course of twelve months, with the goal of building excitement and an audience, and ultimately partnering with GFUEL to make Snake Venom a reality.
The Snake Venom project has already garnered significant support from numerous GFUEL employees, and the initial advertisement (presented below) served as MadViper's entry into the FaZe1 recruitment challenge, ultimately securing his place in the FaZe1 Top 100. The advertisement garnered over 15,000 views on Twitter alone and even received public reactions from high-profile individuals, including those in FaZe Clan.

Unfortunately, due to personal injury, this challenge was not completed within the 12 month period and has instead become a rolling campaign to make Snake Venom a reality.

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