EDEN formerly known as 'The Eden Project' is an Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and occasional model.

As a hobbyist photographer I took this photo using only my phone at EDEN's 2018 Vertigo World Tour. I remember that he explicitly mentioned that this was a staple moment for him on his journey to success as this was his first ever sold out show (to 3000+ people), having performed for free only a year prior to an audience of 300. This photo resembles his story.

In early 2020 prior to the first COVID-19 Lockdown, EDEN's No Future Tour commenced before being abruptly cancelled. Prior to cancellation, EDEN performed in both London and Manchester. Again as a hobbyist photographer I attended his London show and took more pictures on my phone. After showcasing these to EDEN prior to his Manchester show I was asked to shoot at the Manchester show for the supporting acts (ATO and Namara) and his main show.

Below are some more of the photos which were taken between the three events:

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